ATTN: Expats That Want To "Ditch The Diets" And To Get In The Best Shape Of Their Lives...

ATTN: Expats That Want To "Ditch The Diets" And To Get In The Best Shape Of Their Lives...

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Your Ultimate 10-Week Body Transformation is the EXACT Guide to Burn Body Fat (FAST) WITHOUT Cutting Carbs Or Long, Boring Workouts...

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Have you ever struggled with…?

Knowing what to eat, how much to eat, or when you should eat?

Finding time to fit your health into your crazy busy schedule?

You’ve tried all the diets, cut the carbs, counted calories and done the cardio. But still NOT getting the results?

This is the PROVEN system that takes out all the confusion and makes it easy to get the body shape you want. I've laid out for you step-by-step in this book... Get it for FREE TODAY!

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In Your Ultimate 10-Week Body Transformation, Kara shares her unique approach to exercise, nutrition, and mindset which will set you up to transform your body and life in just 70 days!

This book will show you that you can in fact hit your goals without an “all or nothing” attitude, instead providing a proven-to-work, easy-to-use plan that combines the science of training and nutrition with real-world experience.

And most of all, this approach will allow you to reach your goals while still eating your favourite foods.

With over 70,000 lbs lost, this approach clearly works and will work for YOU too!


Kara is a TEDx Speaker, Body Transformation Expert, Podcaster, Physique Champion, Mum, Philanthropist, Cancer-beater, Beer Lover, and an Expat living abroad for over 22 years.

She launched the Ultimate YOU 10-week Challenge in 2012 to help people transform their bodies, their minds and their lives.

After transforming over 6000 people worldwide she came up with the easiest way to get YOU into the best shape of your life. Her coaching program is designed specifically for the “everyday” real person that wants the key to fitness results.

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